Table Talk with Celiac's

We have only been out a few times to dinners where there were only people with Celiac Disease, but it certainly is an interesting experience.  It also seems to because like any gathering of people with a common interest, that common interest often takes over the dinner conversation.  After all, that's why you are together in the first place right?

You certainly hear a lot of various opinions about Celiac Disease, what you can and can't eat, and where you can and can't eat.  We of course added our two cents as well.  I like to think we stay on the positive/motivating/optimistic side of the conversation.  But obviously it is sometimes hard to be completely positive because you have some bad experiences to share.  But you often have some interesting conversations.

We sat down with a daughter, mother once at a function.  The mother was older and she is the one who has Celiac Disease.  This lady seemed to come off as a "complainer".  But truly, she was probably really sensitive and had really bad adverse reactions to any slight cross contamination.  She went on with all these stories about places where she got sick and would never go back.  Some of these places are where Amanda and I go and Amanda has been fine.  But good did come out of this, she did talk about Pearl River, a Chinese food restaurant in the south side on 99st where she can actually go in and eat without getting sick.  At that point we hadn't found a gluten free friendly Chinese Food restaurant and we thought "okay, if this lady that gets sick wherever she goes can eat here, we gotta try it out."

There was another time where we sat down for dinner and were having a nice discussion with a married couple and the wife dropped a bomb "Oh I won't eat that gluten free crap, I only make it for my husband".   That statement floored me.  I admit, I got defensive because well, I don't have Celiac Disease and I do "eat that crap", but its NOT CRAP - unless you want it to be crap.  We have so many great recipes on this website and there are so many other great recipes on the web and great gluten free products available in Edmonton, that I just couldn't comprehend that statement.  All that came out of my mouth was "Oh?  I eat gluten free at home, I make really great tasting meals for Amanda and I".

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