The Non-Celiac, Celiac Dinner

What I mean by this post title is, non-Celiac's like myself eating out with a bunch of people with Celiac Disease.  I'm sure I'm going to embarrass myself with this one, because I'm essentially going to be referring to a recent dinner I was at, and I know those who were in attendance may read this, but oh well here goes...

So Amanda and I were recently invited out to Louisiana Purchase for dinner.  There was a small group of people with Celiac Disease getting together.  Actually, it ended up right down the middle with 3 people with Celiac Disease, with guests that did not have Celiac Disease.  It was interesting to see the three of us 'non Celiac's' in action.

First there was me as the husband guest.  I'm thinking, "Celiac Dinner?  Well, i'm going to order gluten free.  Possibly order something different than Amanda and then we can share something... oh that Boudin looks awesome, and that chicken, and those ribs... Mmmmmm".  And essentially, that's what we did.  We ordered two great meals and shared them.  We, well, I wanted to get a good taste of the menu to be able to write a blog post about it. (Now I just have to remind Amanda to write it since she promised she would do that one).

Then there was the boyfriend.  I don't know what he was thinking, but when the waitress was like "So, do you want any bread", and he kind of looked around the table for approval, no one really suggested yay or nay, and he was like "Oh for sure, serve me up some bread, I can eat it", with a big smile, I was not surprised, not disappointed, but just a little "huh?" moment.  Although I give him credit for ordering the flour-less chocolate cake to share with his girlfriend.

Then there was the best friend to cap of the tri-fecta of guests.  She was all about ordering gluten free, because her friend invited her out and she wanted to support her.  They even talked about how the best friend is always looking out for her pal with Celiac disease, and making sure everything is gluten free (kind of like I over protect Amanda).  Really great to have friends like that.  Was interesting though that the "boyfriend" opened up the flood gates to gluten at the table, because after he decided to order the bread to the table, she decided to order non-gluten free soup that she wanted to try.

Just sayin, everyone's different.  I don't mean to judge.  I'm sure people think I'm a little crazy for agreeing to eat/try gluten free stuff in order to be able to share with Amanda. Though really, since food has been a part of our relationship from the first day...why change things now?

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  1. Good for you. I think that is extremely unfair to order bread in front of a celiac partner. And to bring it to a table full of celiac diners is disgraceful.

  2. I encourage my boyfriend to eat gluten when we go out. We keep a gluten free kitchen at home and I see no reason for him not to indulge when he can.


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