Niagara Falls and the Skylon Tower Rotating Dining Room

Skylon Tower during the day from our
hotel room.
Visiting Niagara Falls, Amanda and I had to splurge one evening to eat at the Skylon Tower Rotating Dining Room. We knew this was going to be a very expensive meal, but we also knew this was something we had to do at least once for the experience. What better way to experience Niagara Falls than dining 775 feet above the falls at night time watching them being illuminated by the Niagara Parks light show. It was quite the sight.

Mediterranean meal with chicken stacked high.
We called ahead to be sure there were gluten free menu options available for Amanda. We found out there were not that many, however their menu was not large to begin with. What Amanda had that night was the special of the day, a Mediterranean style chicken dinner with broccoli and rice on the side. The chicken was actually two chicken breasts, topped up tomato, green pepper, spices, and feta cheese. They did initially mess up the order. But this was not the type of restaurant to take any chances. They served up a roasted tomato topped with breadcrumbs on Amanda's dish by accident. The plate was immediately removed, apologies were made, and we were 100% certain that a fresh new plate was provided to ensure that there was less risk of contamination from the tomato that was on the plate. Mistakes do happen, but we are happy to see apologies when it happens and corrective actions.

The Mediterranean chicken option is obviously not always on the menu, so we suggest calling ahead to see what the special of the day is because on their regular menu, they really just recommend the steak dinners. Which is great if you want steak for dinner.

The dinner at the Skylon restaurant was certainly worth the $100+ bill. However, I think this was a one time only deal for us.

If you don't believe us that they have a small menu to begin with, check out the Skylon Rotating Dining Room website for their full menu.

View at the beginning of dinner.

View by the end of dinner with the falls fully lit up.

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  1. I've heard a lot about that rotating restaurant. Just looking at that one picture is enough to tell me that the food is delicious. The amazing view of Niagara will definitely make a visit to the restaurant even better.


  2. I want to visit Canada after my alaska cruise that happened last year. I'm working my way South so Canada is next.


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