I can't believe I just said that to someone with Celiac Diease!

I kind of felt stupid the other day, and this is why I really like it when Amanda blogs, over me, because I do feel likea bit of an outsider to the Celiac community sometimes, and I act like one too!

I participate in the Healthcare Social Media Canada #hcsmca group that has weekly Twitter chats Wednesdays at 11am MT.  This group gets together to discuss the use of social media in healthcare, whether it being patient engagement, physician engagement or even just use of technology.  I do work in Communications in Healthcare and Social Media is one of my interests.  Every now and then we have Twitter Meetups from across the country.  Pockets from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton etc, will meet up in their own cities have discussions and share their thoughts with the Twitter community as well.  Giver brief updates etc.  I have organized the two we have had in Edmonton.

Most recently I had invited the program coordinator from the Canadian Celiac Association Edmonton Chapter, and the owner of glutenfreestudio.ca.  We had a great discussion on patient engagement!  I will save that post for later.

But in my infinite wisdom I acted like an outsider and acted the way Amanda describes as "being told I'm broken or not being allowed to make my own choices/ask my own questions".  We met at the Rose and Crowne pub downtown.  I showed up early and was hungry, so I ordered some fries.  Me not being gluten free, I did not have to worry about checking out the food.  But immediately after I ordered it I started to psych myself out, like "Oh gosh, I know Lori knows I don't have Celiac, but I don't think the other guy does... what if he thinks these are gluten free?".  So what's one of the first things out of my mouth? "SORRY, these fries aren't gluten free." Duh, I felt like an idiot right away.  Way to go!  As if these guys don't know how to ask questions on their own.  Luckily they didn't seem to care, probably saw my embarrassed face knowing what I had done. My apologizing after was just digging myself a hole.  Uggg. I really do have to work on that.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


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