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I work nearby to the University of Alberta and as such we often try (like loads of other people) to go out for lunch on occassion. However, in the past I have had a rough time finding decent gluten free option to meet my dietary needs and to also make my taste buds sing with joy like everyone elses. I know that I have writen in the past about some wonderful gluten free friendly options in the University area; such as Rodeo Burger. Mmm just writing that restaurant name makes my mouth water and my tummy excited for yumminess.

Anyways, back to this blog post...I know my colleagues and I have been numerous times before, but I don't think I've ever written about this awesome place before so here we go. We went recently to The Greenhouse - a gourmet salad experience. While they have changed their menu in the past 6-12 months to include plenty of gluten filled items (booo) such as wraps and pasta, they still do have their wonderful gluten free friendly soups and salads and now rice bowls too.

My favorite thing to get at the GreenHouse is the soup & salad combo. Daily they prepare two different very creative and flavor loaded soups in house from fresh ingredients. My favorite salad of choice is always to make my own but that's just because I can never decide. The staff are very knowledgeable about what is and is not gluten free friendly and they are very approachable. I was told that "almost all of the soups are entirely gluten free, the ones that are not are obviously not; meaning the are a beer beef stew soup". From the few times I have been there the soups have been gluten free except for one (beer beef stew).

Their slogan is "80% healthy 20% naughty". According to their website "The Greenhouse is a health conscious quick-service gourmet salad bar, featuring restaurant-quality salads at a great value. Bold flavours, mouthwatering aromas and electrifying presentation describe our professional chef inspired and nutrition based menu, which coupled with the highest quality produce and meats available in today's marketplace guarantees that our patrons enjoy a truly gourmet salad experience."

I do not have any photos of my food so I snagged one from their website instead, sorry about that. But next time I go I'll be sure to snap a few. Eeek Abisaac would be disappointed in me for not snapping a photo before diggin' in and enjoying my tasty gluten free friendly meal with friends.

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