Exercise and Gluten Free; how do they work together?

Recently a colleague of mine asked me "how do you manage to eat enough carbs through out the day when you know you're going to be doing heavy duty exercise that evening and you cannot eat gluten?"

I am certain I must have had a completely blank look on my face as if to say "ummm duh, I dunno". After thinking it through I explained to her that there are many naturally gluten free foods out there that I can eat in advance of so-called "heavy duty" exercise. I think she was particularly referring to my new found love of spinning class. I explained to her that I often choose to eat fresh fruit before exercising and when I'm really in a bind and looking for quick fix snack pre-exercise, I grab for a LaraBar.

My favorite flavor of the LaraBars is the peanut butter chocolate chip. That are made with all natural ingredients and packed with fiber (dates add to the fiber) and they're just plain tasty.

Another food that I love after a good hard workout is peanut butter. To those who are allergy, I apologize. I can't deny it I love love love peanut butter. I eat it right off the spoon. Which leads me to the sharing of a favorite blogger of mine Scully also known as CanadianD-Gal. Scully is an avid and driven exerciser, a fellow gluten free eater and a type 1 diabetic. I am proud to call her my friend though we have never actually met in person, does that make me sound nuts? Hmm. Scully ran her first marathon in October of this year and she's just an awesome person all around. Her exercise regime puts my to shame, but she is full of life and energy and her love of exercise makes me (and others) feel empowered to do more ourselves.

But...back to the peanut butter lovin' recipe sharing check out this awesome looking recipe that I still haven't made but definitely need to try.

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