Eating Gluten Free at The Burger’s Priest in Toronto

It is usually Amanda and I travelling to Toronto and reporting on it, but this time its one of our readers Dani contributing this post:

When going gluten free, people always make a clamour about getting their pizza. It is understood as the most missed item post-diagnosis. However, the much loved classic burger is often overlooked. People settle for plain patties (thanks McDonald’s) or a step up.. plain patties wrapped in lettuce. These sad carb-less alternatives are nowhere near as satisfying as biting into a juicy burger hugged between an out-of-this-world mouth-watering bun. Enter The Burger’s Priest. Touted as “an American cheeseburger joint,” I was excited at the prospect of trying them out. I gave them a call before my trip to Toronto, and they assured me that they not only offer a full gluten-free burger, but I could also enjoy fries with my meal. They explained that they ensure there is no cross contamination in the oil (they use another fryer for their onion rings), and that I could enjoy the full-meal deal! After that conversation, I absolutely had to check them out. And let me tell you.. they do not disappoint! The location is a tiny hole-in-the-wall type restaurant with barley 10 seats… It really is set up as an old-school burger joint where you order at the counter and either eat quickly inside or take your prize to go. The street was empty in the area, but people were shoulder-to-shoulder in the tiny little burger joint trying to get their little bite of happiness. They keep things simple by only offering a few different burgers, and only accept payments in cash.

We were in a bit of a rush, so we took our meal to go. At the first bite of this burger, I had to stop and ask everyone if we had indeed ordered the gluten free burger (yes.. we had). It was soft and anemic looking bun, with a hint of sweetness. I couldn’t believe how scrumptious it was. I devoured the entire burger in just a few minutes. The fries were also a hit. The burger was so amazing, that I called them back and make sure they hadn’t make a mistake. The staff assured me they offer gluten free, but wouldn’t divulge the source of their buns (darn them!). This restaurant offers the best gluten free burgers by-far, and I will make sure to stop by anytime I’m in the Toronto area. Please note the store hours.. they are closed on Sundays for church.

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  1. I've heard about this place from a few Toronto food blogs. I'll need to make the trip for a special occasion.

  2. gluten free burgers shouldn't cost more

    1. They do this because the market is not oversaturated by 1000 kinds of breads that many people can't even digest (but they have no clue why they feel sick. The thing is that whoever has to eat gluten free has to and they take advantage of it. All the others are just looking to buy the whatever cheapest bread therefore the price is lower and lower. The thing is the cheapest the bread the more gluten added to make it fluffier without too much flour and real ingredients ant there you go. Everybody is on their way to gluten intolerance and this makes me happy because the day when we'll get gluten free bread for decent pices is closer and closer.

  3. I heard that there buns aren't really "glutten free" but "glutten reduced" or something. Someone posted on a forum that they had a reaction to the bun and when they questioned them they said it wasn't gluten "free". You might want to double check (I know this is an old thread but just in case someone else comes across it like me).

  4. I would also like to second that Burger's Priest does not include a 100% gluten free bun as I had visited one of the Toronto locations a few months ago - they had to make sure I wasn't full blown celiac. So anyone who is really sensitive would probably be best staying away from BP.

  5. I went to Burger's Priest on Yonge today and was sadly disappointed to find out their "Gluten Free" bun which they charge for is NOT gluten free, it is "Low Gluten", as a Celiac I was advised against going that route by the manager. I was offered a lettuce wrap burger (which I normally love) but this one was just plain awful! Needless to say, I will not be returning and I think this option should be taken off this list as offering Celiac's an impostor.


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