Another fantastic Gluten Free friendly Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

The other day we went out for dinner. It was your basic Saturday night and we didn't feel like cooking. We often keep a running list of restaurants that we've never been to that we'd like to check out. The honest truth though is that more often than not, we forget about this list and go to our ol' favorites. Some may say it's laziness others may say it's simply forgetfulness, but I think of it as comfort and comfort alone.

I am a person of comfort. I am a person of routine and I am a person who is hesistant when trying new things. This being said, every time we go to a new Indian Restaurant for example, I always ensure that I order their Butter Chicken dish. In my opinion, the proof of a good, actually a great restaurant is in their signature dish. While I cannot say with certainty that every Indian restaurant considers their signature dish to be their butter chicken, I do consider butter chicken to be the signature dish of any Indian restaurant. If they can make fantastic butter chicken with just the right seasonings and spice level then I know it's a restaurant worth eating at again.

Our version of the Bistro Tandoori Platter
This time, we were on the ball and we did remember to go check out one of the restaurants on our running list of places to try out. We ended up going to Bistro India Restaurant & Lounge - located at 10203- 116 street Edmonton). The place is nicely decorated and filled with friendly people. We asked our regular questions about gluten free options and while the lady serving us, seemed new and uncertain, she did the right thing and she checked with the chef each and every time we had a question.

Butter Chicken
We ordered the Bistro Tandoori Platter whereby you get to choose 2 vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian appetizers to create your own platter. We opted for the Panner Tikka Zaffrani (home made indian cheese marinated in a blend of yogurt & spices) and Baby Corn Bazule (Mangalore style baby corn cooked in red garlic, ginger and chili sauce) and Millagu Beef (Slices of beef marinated in Indian peppercorn sauce, grilled on skewers) and Bistro Chicken Tikka (Marinated with Indian spices and yogurt, cooked in a clay oven). We also ordered ol' faithful (see above) Butter chicken with basmati rice.

It was excellent! We ate the entire thing! It was so full of flavor, it had just the right amount of spices and it was definite a restaurant worth checking out again.

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