Yummy Gluten Free Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are giving out candy or have kids with Celiac Disease you have to consider, what gluten free candy is good for Halloween?  And where in Edmonton can I find it?

1.  So how do you keep your child safe from Halloween candy?  Well, first you do the obvious.  Dump there bag of Halloween candy on the floor and sort through picking out and "shady" candy, maybe a package that is opened, deflated chip bags etc.  Just some of your standard Halloween safety protocol.

2.  Then next phase, food allergy filter.  There are some chocolate bars that are no question not gluten free.  Pull out Kit Kats, Coffee Crisps, anything with a wafer in it.

3.  Next step, time to start reading labels on anything that could have gluten in it.  Any gummy candies, chocolate bars that you are not quite sure about.  Better to be safe.

Some gluten free halloween candy
Keep this in mind, I am not sure about labeling rules, but because these candies are not sold individually, ingredients may be on the package/box they came in, but not necessarily on the individual wrap.  So, unless you do some recon before hand, you may want to hold off on candies that do not have ingredients on them until you have time to investigate.

So giving away candy?  Does it matter if its gluten free or not?  Well, we don't have kids, but we sure love our share of Halloween candy anyways, so we want to be sure any leftovers is gluten free.  So we went out to Superstore and picked up a few goodies.  I read labels to be safe so these seemed like a safe bet.  Let me tell you, it was tough to find a good box of chocolates that were all gluten free.  This was the best variety I found with Reese cups, hershey bar, Oh Henry and Reese's Pieces.  Obviously not so great for peanut allergies.  The Maynard's variety packed all used modified corn starch, rockets were sugar based, and the chips were plain Lay's so no trouble with seasoning.  If you are worried about cross-contamination it is always good to contact the manufacturer.  I did see some of the chocolate bars have the warning "may contain wheat" because they were made on an assembly line.

Let us know what candies you found to be gluten free.

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