Slows Bar BQ in Detroit, incredibly good, and gluten free

The Saraga guys (most of them)
Every year the Saraga guys venture out on the Great American Road Trip.  The starting point is always Toronto because that's where everyone lives.  This once was an easy trip for me, but now that I live in Edmonton, it becomes quite the spectacle for me beginning with a 4 hour flight to Toronto (sometimes the red eye).  Luckily, the final destination for the 2011 Great American Road Trip wasn't too far from Toronto.  It was a short 4hr hour drive to Detroit, Michigan.

Although Amanda obviously was not on the guys trip with us, I still look out for the gluten free travel eats because I want to share anything I can with our readers to help them out during travels to anywhere, including Detroit.  Our entry into Detroit wasn't that easy though.  To our surprise the U.S. customs agent had other thoughts to people visiting Detroit and asked "Why the heck are you visiting Detroit? There's nothing to do here, and its dangerous, haven't you seen the movies?"  We were quite baffled by the customs agent, but we were 8 guys out to have some fun in Detroit.  Check out a Tigers game, visit the Ford Museum, and check out the happening night life in Greek Town.

My brother, who is definitely more of a foodie than us is the brains behind Haggis and Herring.  Knowing we were visiting Detroit he turned to one of his foodie buddies who recommended Slows Bar BQ.  This was probably the best restaurant we have eaten at throughout all of our road trips that started back in 2003.  I had never eaten at a slow roast BBQ joint before, so I was really looking forward to it.  I've only seen slow roast joints on Food Network shows like Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

I knew I was going to order the ribs and I was not disappointed.  I had a dry rub slow roasted rib that was to die far.  Meat was so soft and falling off the bone.  I ate this giant rack of ribs in no time, plus the 2 sides that were provided.

I didn't have to look far to see what was gluten free.  It was labelled right on the menu.  Everything gluten free was labeled with a G.  There were plenty of options because they made their sauces and rubs in house.  They were all gluten free.  Mainly items that had buns, or the baked mac'n'cheese were not gluten free.  There were plenty of options and I would guarantee anyone with Celiac Disease a full stomach with plenty of tasty options.  Check out pictures of the menu below.

I also recommend to check out the review of Slows Bar BQ by Haggis and Herring.

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