Shop Gluten Free Mart in Edmonton's North End (NO LONGER OPEN)


Remember this date: October 1, 2011!  What happened on that day?  Abu of Gluten Free Mart opened up a dedicated gluten free store.  This gluten free store is in Edmonton's North side.

Similar to Ed's Gluten Free Store in the South and the Kinnikinnick Store downtown, Gluten Free Mart has shelving full of a wide variety of gluten free products.  I love shopping at these types of stores because they always bring in more local products that the big stores don't bring in.

Gluten Free Mart carried some of the standard items like all purpose gluten free flours, Kinnikinnick and Udi's bread products, and Glutino mixes.  But they also carry gluten free products that I haven't seen like a gluten free, dairy free cheese ravioli and a gluten free dairy free, soy free ice cream with a coconut base!

Gluten Free Mart has a fresh goods section, with our favourite La Crema products like pot pies, quiches, dessert squares and more.  This store is certainly worth the visit for good selection of gluten free products.

Gluten Free Mart  Ltd. 
12841 97 ST
Edmonton , Alberta T5E4C2
Phone: 780-756-9900
Fax. 780-756-2900

So we have Downtown, South Side and North Side covered.  Anyone ready to open up a gluten free store in the East and West?

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  1. this is my first time going into this store and i wasnt impressed at all!
    i was hoping it was like eds gluten free store,
    it didnt have that much food the worker was very rude to me and my family and didnt help me out with anything, he told me to read the back of products for what i wanted to know, and most of the time he stayed in the back and sent a little boy out to come and talk to us.
    i think this store is just doing it for the money cause they didnt know anything about the gluten allergy!!
    and they are very unhelpful no help at all!
    never going back to this store id rather go to kinnikinnicks they are super nice and very helpful!

  2. I agree. This store is a waste of time. (Gluten Free Store on 97 St. Northside) All of the vegan cheese in the cooler was expired. There was very little selection. Very disappointing. And to top it off, the shop keeper just sat in the back in his chair the whole time, never asking if I needed anything etc. So, of the few items that could actually find that I needed, I left in my basket and went to the Superstore and Kinnickkinnick! Very disappointed.

  3. Check out Sweet Tweet
    4345-50th street
    She has alot of products, very clean and very knowledgeable. I love shopping there! She has gluten free products as well as sugar free.


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