Is a dairy intolerance related to Celiac disease?

It seems pretty common that someone with Celiac Disease might be intolerant to other foods.  I know this is the case with a few people I know with dairy.

I took a moment to Google this, because I had nothing else to do, and I at least wanted to make sure that I was making some sense here.  I found one article on that referred to a connection.  The article is titled "How is lactose intolerance related to celiac disease?" and says "Lactose intolerance is frequently a side effect of celiac disease. Celiacs who eat gluten become lactose intolerant after the villi and microvilli in their small intestine become damaged, and are no longer capable of catching and breaking down the lactose molecule."  But it also goes on to say that within time this tolerance is cured.

I do also find it interesting that Kinnikinnick which is obviously 100% gluten free, also has a large product line that is dairy free as well.  So Kinnikinnick must see a connection between dairy free and Celiac Disease too.

So if you have an intolerance to dairy, what do you use as a milk substitute?  There are plenty of products out there.  We were asked by an PR agency to sample some products by Earth's Own.  They make a line of gluten free, dairy free products including So Good (soy milk), Ryza (Rice Milk) and Almond Fresh (Almond Milk).  I picked up a container of the vanilla flavour for each of the milks to try. I have been using the So Good with my morning breakfast cereal (gluten free chex and gluten free fruity pebbles) and I also used it in my smoothies (which really turned it into a really taste shake).  So Good ended up to be a great substitute for me and tasted really good.  The Almond Fresh had a great nutty flavour to it, you can really smell that almond out of the container.

You can basically pick up Earth's Own products at any major grocery store.  We saw some of their stuff at Wal-Mart, but so way more variety at Safeway including a Chocolate Milk! Yum!

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  1. Gluten free fruity pebbles? Where are you buying those? Do you know if the are nut free??
    Also, have you tried Hemp Milk?

  2. Some retails are sneaking in Fruity Pebbles from the States... not really supposed to be selling them here in Canada. We've picked it up during a visit to Toronto at a Sobey's. Haven't tried Hemp Milk.

  3. I was very interested in this post as I was born with a milk allergy, which the doctor thought I would grow out of but I didn't. Thus I spent my childhood with various kinds of infections such as canker sores, ear infections as well as bladder and kidney infections. As an adult I read an research article about how these ongoing infections in childhood can be a manifestation of a dairy allery or intolerance. I was only diagnosed as a celiac in my early twenties but once took both dairy and gluten out I felt much better. Twenty years later attempts to put dairy back in continue to be unsuccessful.
    As for what I use instead, I use almond milk for both cereal and baking. In my experience it has a better flavour and consistency in terms of replacing the proteins in milk for baking. We use Becel margarine with olive oil but we also use the vegan version of becel. For making pie crusts I use Bette Hagman's pie dough recipe and I use half becel and half lard and get very good results from that. Ed's gluten free carries Daiya cheese which is gluten, dairy and soy free but it melts so it works very well anywhere you would use mozarella or cheddar. If you can tolerate soy Tofutti makes a great cream cheese they used to make a good sour cream as well, I don't know if they still do. It is available at Save-On.

  4. Abisaac, just an FYI that all packaged regular Kinnikinnick products are now dairy free and we should have kosher certification within the next month. Note that Specialty products made by our pastry department for the local store may still contain dairy.


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