Gluten Free Dining Found in Vegreville

There a lot of business people that travel the roads of Alberta.  We have some posts on gluten free Calgary, gluten free Lloydminster, and other places in Alberta with some gluten free options.  One of our readers wrote in about a gluten free restaurant found in Vegreville:
Jill wrote:
I've been recently diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity due to pregnancy. I love your blog and thought I'd share with you a "hidden treasure" I found today.  I'm on the road a lot for work and travel all around central & northern Alberta.  Today I was in the lovely town of Vegreville and stumbled upon a quaint coffee/dessert shop called "Simply Fine Sweets" that had soup at lunch time.  Well I was a bit skeptical but was pleasantly surprised when they had gluten free soup & crackers & desserts!!  The lady that helped me said at least one of their daily soup offerings is GF and she was very knowledgeable as to which desserts were as well.  I thought I would share if you wanted to add this to your dining list although it's outside Edmonton.  Thanks!
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  1. I'm from Vegreville and I too require a gluten free diet. Simply Fine Sweets has the best homemade soups, chocolate, cookies, and my personal favorite is the pavlova!

  2. Though these are gluten free, our boca raton dentist reminded us about our preference to sweets. Well, it's a good thing we regularly visit the dentist.


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