Find it hard to bake gluten free?

If you think it is hard ot bake gluten free and often get frustrated, you need to watch an episode of Cupcake Wars on Food Network titled "Hard Rock" (2010).
Cupcake wars is one of those elimination cooking challenges, but strictly based on baking cupcakes.  In this epside was two ladies from Philly that run a gluten free vegan cupcake shop called Sweet Freedom.

In the first round of the show they really demonstrated how challenging gluten free baking can be and showed that even the seasoned pro has difficulties baking gluten free.  In round one the ladies from Sweet Freedom made three different cupcakes for the first time.  They were worried about losing the round because they said it actually takes 15 tries, yes that's 15 TRIES to get a cupcake made to their liking with the proper baking time.

Also, in order to make gluten free cupcakes, the ladies from Sweet Freedom needed to dedicate more time and more ingredients than the others in order to prepare a proper tasty gluten free cupcake.

So we're just saying, if you are struggling and thinking you can't get it right, or it's just taking too long to prepare the cupcakes, that's completely normal, happens to even the pros and it's best to just keep on going and of course let us know what it was and how great it turned out. We're always up for guest bloggers sharing their own stories.

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  1. How far did they make it?

  2. This Gluten Free Bakery recently won the competition. They are near me and my family loves it. Incredible food that you wouldn't believe is Gluten Free!


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