Mill Creek Cafe Edmonton offers gluten free

If you're anything like me you're always super excited to hear of new and different restaurants that provide gluten free options. Recenlty, a friend of mine provided me with yet another new (to me) place for us to try out.

Mill Creek Cafe (9562 - 82 Avenue Edmonton) offers both gluten free pizza and gluten free bread. They also have a variety of vegan and vegetarian options available. Their extra charges for gluten free fare are completely reasonable, which is always an added perk.  For gluten free pizza there is an extra $1.50 charged and for gluten free bread the extra charge is $0.50 per slice. Compared to some other restaurants that feel they can jack up the price because something is gluten free, I consider these very minimal charges to be very reasonable.

Based solely on my friends verbal recommendation I want to check this place out, but when I actually saw her gluten free! It looked and smelled awesome! Of course I wasn't going to just reach over and sample it while she was eating, but it sure was tempting to do so.

We are always looking for information from you, our loyal gluten free edmonton readers, about different restaurants within Edmonton or on your travels that serve awesome gluten free fare. Please let us know your personal favorites.
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