Gluten Free Sugar Free Aspertame Free Gum! Really?

Recently I received an intriguing email from Judy James, Public Relations and Communications Coordinator at PÜR Gum Action Candy Company. Judy offered us at Gluten Free Edmonton the opportunity to taste test and review their Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Aspartame Free gum.

I admit that I was skeptical to say the least about this product. It wasn't the gluten free part that was so absurd to me, it was the sugar free and aspartame free part that kinda through me for a loop. This gum is gluten free, vegan friendly, contains no GMO's, nut free, sugar free and aspertame free.

Judy sent me out a trial package of the 4 flavours available from the PÜR Gum Action Candy Company; Spearmint, Peppermint, Pomegranate mint and their newest flavour Excitemint.

According to the insert in the packet 
PÜR Gum was "established in 2010, PÜR Gum was created as a healthy alternative to commercial varieties of gum that contain aspartame. This all-natural aspartame-free gum is available in Peppermint, Pomegranate mint, Spearmint and ....Excitemint. PÜR Gum is currently available in over 3,000 locations across North America and continues to be a leader in providing sugar-free great tasting gum. Kick aspertame and find PÜR Gum at . PÜR Gum retails for between $1.49-$1.99"
For anyone who does not know me well, I used to be an avid gum chewer. I recently seriously cut back on my gum chewing mostly because of jaw pain. So when offered a "reason" to chew some gum...I was all for it.

I tried each of the 4 flavors and I have to say that my favourite flavour was the Pomegranate Mint. I found it to be unique and interesting and loaded with flavour. For me the Excitemint flavour was simply too strong, but others who tried it really enjoyed this powerful mint flavour. I found that the texture of the gum was a bit tough and that the gum got hard to chew after only a few minutes of chewing. The flavour however, seemed to go on and on and I could see it lasting for a really long time.

For those of us who have to deal with the challenges of finding gluten free and diabetic friendly food options, PÜR gum is a true winner. While I do not wish to get into the varied research pro & con for aspartame addition in our foods, I will say that if you're looking to cut out or cut down on the amount of aspartame in your diet PÜR gum offers an opportunity to enjoy flavourful gluten free, aspartame free gum.

You may be asking yourself, just as I did, what sweetener ingredients are in this gum if there is no sugar and no aspartame? It turns out that PÜR gum uses xylitol instead as a natural sweetener. According to Wikipedia, "Xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetener used as a naturally occurring sugar is found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables" such as corn. The carbohydrate content in the PÜR gum is similar to that found in various other brands of sugar free gum; at 2g carbs per 2 pieces.

Lastly, check out all the places in the Edmonton area where PÜR gum can be found.

I was approached directly by the Action Candy Company to taste test and review my views of their product PUR gum. The gum was provided to me free of charge and I was not paid for my opions by the company. The views above are my own and I was asked to be honest in sharing my views.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

Vitality Health Foods 
10174 - 109 Street, Edmonton
AB, T5J 1M7
Optimum Health 
11646 - 104th Ave, Edmonton
AB, T5K 2T7
Planet Organic Market 
12120 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton
AB, T5N 3J8
Organic Roots Food Market 
10151 - 82nd Avenue, Edmonton
AB, T6E 1Z5
Planet Organic Market 
7917 104th Street, Edmonton
AB, T6E 4E1
Vitality Health Foods 
82nd Avenue & 83rd Street, Edmonton
AB, T6C 4E3
Health for Success 
12840, 109th Avenue, Edmonton
AB, T5M 2E8
Vitality Health Foods 
Unit #1056, 5004 - 98th Avenue, Edmonton
AB, T6A 0A1
Vitality Health Foods 
Unit #1056, 5004 - 98th Avenue, Edmonton
AB, T6A 0A1
Vitality Health Foods 
14963 Stony Plain Road - Jasper Gates, Edmonton
AB, T5P 4W1
Sangster's Health Centres 
9314 137th Ave., Edmonton
AB, T5E 6C2
Simply Health 
5015 111 Street. Zone 1B, Edmonton
AB, T6H 4M6
Sangster's Health Centres 
11149 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton


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