Gluten Free at the River Cree in Edmonton

We checked out the breakfast buffet at the River Cree Casino & Resort recently.  For those not familiar with where it is, its located basically at the end of the Whitemud West just outside of Edmonton city limits in Enoch, Alberta. Obviously buffet, is definitely a red light zone for cross contamination with gluten, but its always nice to go to a buffet and have that plethora of choice to eat.

The River Cree Casino & Resort is gorgeous and has plenty of eating options.  The breakfast buffet is in the hotel restaurant called the Kitchen Buffet Bistro and runs until about 11am.  Click here for the complete schedule and pricing of the buffet.

So with the breakfast buffet in particular, I don't really have anything bad to say, but I also don't really have anything superfantastic to say.  It really was just a standard breakfast spread with fruit, cereals, cold cuts, cheese, bacon, potato, sausage, omlette station, waffles and French toast.  Basically everything at the buffet was gluten free except for the cereals, waffles and French toast.  For the cost of the buffet, you really didn't get much choice, but atleast there was not much less choice than a person that could eat the whole buffet.

The Sunday Brunch with added carving stations, deserts, and salads seemed a lot better, but was also almost $30 a person.  I did not stick around to ask what buffet items were gluten free for that buffet, but I was told that if you asked, someone from the kitchen would walk you through the buffet to let you know what items are gluten free and what items are not.

Let us know if you have been to the other buffet times at the River Cree.  We want to hear about your experience.

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