Gluten Free flourless chocolate cake with Nutella

As you all know, I have said many times before that I have serious blog reading addiction. We were recently away and therefore I got seriously behind on my blog reading, thus forcing me (I used that term super lightly of course) to read thru a ton of wonderful blogs and smile all the way through.  I know I know, poor poor me.

I wanted to share a link to one of my favourite bloggers Kerri from not only because I so enjoy reading about her diabetes related insights and shennanigans, and she always seems to make me feel less like the only person out there living with diabetes, but also because she sometimes writes about gluten free living and gluten free food options.

Today is no different (well she posted it on August 30) check out this super easy sounding Gluten Free flourless chocolate cake with Nutella mmm just the name makes my mouth water and my insulin pump go crazy with uncertainty.
Copied from, Kerri's GF flourless chocolate cake with Nutella
Enjoy! Happy Friday Everyone & have a great long weekend!

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