What's Gluten Free at Tres Carnales Taqueria?

We’ve found a new and wonderful restaurant. It’s called Tres Carnales Taqueria. It’s a “fast casual” truly Mexican restaurant located at 10119 100A Street (Rice Howard Way) in Edmonton. The atmosphere in Tres Carnales Taqueria is lively, fun and hip and bouncing with energy. The staff truly loves what they’re doing, you can just tell by speaking with them. This is their passion, it’s obvious. The menu, while seemingly on the smaller side, is almost entirely gluten free. Not just gluten free but naturally gluten free which makes it even better!

Mmmm so good.
Turns out that the only thing on the menu that is not gluten free is the beef taco, but one of the Carnales (Daniel) explained to us that they are working on finding a recipe to make this item gluten free, but just haven’t had enough time yet. It is on their radar and that’s what matters to me.

I took this directly from their website:
“It started with 3 friends (or carnales in Mexican slang) who all collectively became inspired by the miracle of the authentic Mexican taco. Warm soft corn tortillas adorned with slow braised local meats and the freshest produce. They reminisced about the many days they had spent eating these delicious concoctions on a side street or near a beach, somewhere in Pacific Mexico. These same 3 guys happened to eat, sleep and breathe their passion for the restaurant experience. The collision was inevitable.

Together, they’re building Tres Carnales Taquería. The first of its kind in Edmonton, Tres Carnales brings you the Real Mexican Food experience. No Nachos or Burritos here friend! Tacos, Tamales, Tortas and the authentic flavors of México are the foundation of this new concept, slated to open in the downtown core in late spring 2011.”
Tres Carnales Taqueria serves different tacos (chicken, beef, pork, vegetable), home made guacamole & taco chips and we’re not talking about the from the bag kind at all. These are homemade and so delicious. You won’t find sodas and other common restaurant drinks at Tres Carnales Taqueria either. Instead you’ll enjoy Mexican beer (not gluten free), Sangria and the most delicious drink called Agua De Horchata a rice based drink that tastes just like rice pudding.

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  1. I can't wait to try it!

  2. So delicious! When I went, they were very knowledgeable about GF. Just a note, they said the tortas are essentially bread and not GF, but the tacos & quesadillas are good to go!

  3. This place is AWESOME however be aware that the chips and guac is not totally Gluten Free. They make their corn chips in house but deep fry them in the same oil as the breaded fish. The meal is so delicious though that it will make up for the loss ;)


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