Great gluten free restaurants in Winnipeg Manitoba

A few months ago I went with my mom to visit extended family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I just realized I hadn’t yet written a post about my food experiences while in Winnipeg, oops! Sorry about that. Better late than never.

Just as I often do when travelling anywhere; particularly within North America I searched online resources to plan out where I’d like to eat. For Winnipeg I found this wonderful list of restaurants in Winnipeg produced by the Celiac Association – Manitoba Chapter members. While not all of these restaurants are entirely gluten free, the list shows which places can accommodate gluten free dietary needs.  I also used UrbanSpoon and specifed gluten free and Winnipeg where I found some other great gluten free options.

I know to someone who isn’t celiac this pre-planning of meals must sound absolutely ridiculous, but to us with dietary concerns it is imperative and super helpful. Yes yes it does take out the spontaneous factor, but as I’ve written about before, spontaneity with regards to food in my world just doesn’t exist as it does for others.

We were only in Winnipeg for a few days and I needed to be sure that I had a few options in my arsenal to ensure that my family was pleased with the choices of where to eat, but also to ensure that depending on their food whims, that I could be accommodated comfortably as well.

While my mom is willing to eat different ethnic foods, most of my extended family has a very basic flavor palette and this had to be taken into consideration when trying to pre-plan meals out with them. I knew this in advance so that made it a bit easier. I however did not want to always be eating in major chain restaurants that I could just as easily go to when in Edmonton. When I’m away from home, I like to try new and different places that I cannot get when I’m at home.

Here’s a list of a few of the places we tried out (in no particular order):
  • Buccacino’s Cucina Italiana- located at
    150 Osborn Street
  • Park Tower- located at Unit 1,
    Unit 1, 2015 Portage Avenue
  • Jonnies Sticky Buns- located at
    941 Portage Ave 
  • Pembina Village- located at 
    333 Pembina Highway
  • Kay’s Delicatessen- located at
    339 William Ave 
  • Clay Oven- located at
    240, 1600 Kenaston Blvd 
  • Pizza Pizza- varied locations, we got delivery
I am not going to write about each of these places in too much detail as I could likely go on and on for far too long. Here are a few snippets about a few of the places we tried. Bottom line EACH ONE WAS AWESOME!

Buccacino's on UrbanspoonBuccacino’s Cucina Italian  is right around the corner from my grandmother’s house and in the heart of the action in Winnipeg. They offer gluten free pasta, beer and even a few desserts. All of their sauces are gluten free. It was so nice, as always, to be able to go to an Italian restaurant and enjoy “normal” food with everyone else with limited alterations. (I don’t consider asking for gluten free rice pasta as a major inconvenience).

Jonnies Sticky Buns on UrbanspoonSince I had pre-planned we were able to stop at Jonnies Sticky Buns right after getting our rental car and on our way to my grandmothers’ house. Holy crow am I ever thankful that I found this place! They have gluten free sticky buns as well as non gluten free ones called “Sorta Cinni”. They are vegan and made with a variety of alternative flours including quinoa and tapioca. They are divine! So good that I stopped on my way out of the city to pick up more and even brought one home to Edmonton for my friend. Extra bonus, they are normally priced. They do not charge and arm and a leg for the gluten free factor as many other places do. Even more importantly, they are amazing, have great texture and tons of flavor. From a diabetes perspective they were a carb counting guessing game, but I really didn’t care how much insulin I had to take they were so amazing and somehow I managed to guess pretty bang on correct. (Sorry I can’t remember what I guessed)

At the time that I was in Winnipeg, Jonnies Sticky Buns was only making gluten free buns on particular days, but I was able to call ahead and order some to be picked up. I would strongly recommend that if you are in Winnipeg, you make sure to stop in and try these fabulous sticky buns.

Kay's Delicatessen on UrbanspoonKay’s Delicatessen is located right downtown and while it was not in an area that is heavily populated with other restaurants, they sure do get busy in there. I was just so pleased to be able to order a sandwich in a restaurant! Seriously, being able to order a clubhouse sandwich just as my family members did = one happy Amanda! It was excellent. I especially appreciated the servers’ knowledge of gluten free because I wanted to have a particular salad with my sandwich and she was able to explain to me not only that I couldn’t eat it but why.

Clay Oven on UrbanspoonThe Clay Oven has two locations and as I mentioned before, to my delight, my mom is willing to eat varied ethnic foods with me while some family members just plain are not. So we gave it a try when it was just the two of us. Wow, is all I can say. I mean, I love Indian Food and I am so thankful to have learned that I can in fact eat it.This restaurant was excellent. I would definitely go back there next time I’m in Winnipeg.

When I'm travelling I make a habit of printing off lists and carrying them around in my purse with me to ensure that I can have the information at my fingertips. Of course you could also simply use your smartphone to do the same, but I prefer to write notes all over the list, but maybe it's just me.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Thank you for the reviews-Kays deli is amazing. let me know when you are in town next I can suggest some phenomenal places to eat!!

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