Gluten Free Spa Facial Service in Edmonton

Did you know that gluten can be found in cosmetic products or even spa service products?  The Canadian Celiac Association has an article on labeling and use of gluten free cosmetics.  Why is it important?  Well The Canadian Celiac Association says it is important for people with Celiac Disease to have gluten free cosmetics that are applied to your mouth or face as a precaution to ensure you do not mistakenly digest any cosmetics (flakes, dust etc.) that could cause damage.

There are a variety of gluten free cosmetic and spa service products available.  For the next month we are featuring Facial Expression here in Edmonton that offers gluten free facials.  The owner, Heather approached us to help promote her services to the Celiac Community here in Edmonton and area.  Heather herself has Celiac Disease, so she is familiar with what products should be used for people with Celiac Disease and how important cross contamination is.

The products used for the gluten free facials are also:
  • cruelty free
  • no added toxins
  • no chemical preservatives
  • no petro chemicals
  • no artificial fragrances.
Cross contamination is handled by having separate bowls, implements and sheets for gluten free skincare clients. 

Heather is a certified Esthetician with many years experience in the spa industry and currently runs a home business to the standards you would expect from a professional spa.  Her permits from the City of Edmonton allow her to run her business out of her home in the Castledown's area and offers her services to women only.

Heather adds "Skincare for a Celiac is not a commonly promoted issue that is normally discussed in the Celiac community, but it is my personal belief that any product you put in and around your eyes, mouth and hands can make it into your body.  I have personally taken on this belief as a lifestyle choice and am offering my services to anyone else who is interested."

There are two types of facial’s offered by Heather; Prestige or Full Facial and if interested back facial’s (please inquire if interested) and deal with all kinds of skin types from: young to mature, oily to dry.

Click on the Facial Expressions ad at the top of the page to visit Heather's website and learn more about what she has to offer or call her at 780-700-3635.

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  1. I support the Gluten free products movement that includes beauty items. A gluten free facial product means no harmful effects are applied on one's skin.

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  3. I have heard about several velvet effect lasers clinics in Canada but not Gluten free beauty products and spa. This is very interesting.

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