Kettle Cuisine Gluten Free Chicken Soup

Kettle Cuisine New England Clam Chowder
Update June 2012
Kettle Cuisine has discontinued  their individual frozen soups sold to consumers and will only be managing their gluten free soups for the food services industry.  Click here to read more about from Kettle Cuisine.

I was just at Ed's gluten free in south Edmonton and like always while my intention was to pick up just a few things I walked out with some extras. I cannot complain though about what I purchased, it's awesome! This brand of frozen gluten free soups comes in a variety of different flavors. They are individually packaged and if the others are anything like the Chicken Soup one....Watch out Campbell's your slogan is being borrowed "mmmm mmmm good!"

The company is called Kettle Cuisine. Based on the information written on the side of the box
"In 1986, Jerry Shafir founded Kettle Cuisine with the vision of creating great tasting soups for top quality restaurants. When Jerry learned that his daughter, Kate, needed to maintain a gluten free diet, he began to look for ways to cook wholesome, delicious soups that people on a gluten free diet could enjoy and feel good about eating. Today, we are proud to offer some of Kate's favorite Kettle Cuisine recipes, cooked with no compromise in taste and no gluten"
The first thing I said when I took my first bite was "holy, that's awesome. It tastes just like my moms chicken soup!" It was truly that good. I told Abisaac that if I had a bigger bowl of it it would be even better. While I appreciate the convenience of the individual serving size, I could have easily eaten a few bowls (or just a bigger bowlful). The chicken soup is full of flavor, loaded with pieces of obviously fresh not formed chicken and loads of carrots & celery. I found it to be the perfect blend of spices and seasoning. I often find that packaged soups are either way over spiced (particularly salt, ick) or they are lacking all spices and you end up spending extra time adding your own salt & spices and never get it just right.

Way to go Kettle Cuisine, I love your Chicken soup. Thank you.

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  1. I love Kettle Cuisine soups! I just don't know where to get them now that Ed's Gluten Free has closed it's door and i'd prefer prefer not have to drive some information my email is


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