How do you handle gluten free errors at restaurants?

How do you handle gluten free errors made by restaurants in Edmonton?  Do you call them out publicly? or do you contact them to help educate them?  I'm hoping educating vs. calling them out is your method of choice.

I just feel like calling out a restaurant publicly and possibly humiliating them or damaging their reputation may not be the right approach.  After all, these restaurants do not even have to accommodate a gluten free diet, just like they do not have to accommodate other allergens.  Calling out restaurants and restaurant chains may detour other restaurants from wanting to try gluten free meals because they will be afraid of backlash if something goes wrong.

Amanda came across a situation while eating at Joey's.  The wait staff just simply did understand the meaning of Joey's gluten free menu.  She ordered the butter chicken from gluten free menu, and they came back with Naan bread.  When they re-did the meal, it came back with tofu instead of chicken.  I took the time to contact Joey's and let them know of our experience and the staff's understanding.  We did receive an apology, and Joey's head office was happy that we contacted them.  We were told that the locations general manager would be spoken to about their gluten free menu.  We obviously had no way of seeing if that actually happened, but the next time we went our experience was 100% better.

We even have a blog post about Earl's gluten free menu just not getting "it".  But we've contacted them, voiced our opinion with them and let everyone know in the post, that although their gluten free menu may seem whacky, there are options you can have if you happen to be dining at Earl's one evening.

Its up to us as a community to educate not only our friends and families about the gluten free diet and Celiac Disease, but restaurants as well.  Look how far things have come in the past two years?  More restaurants are popping up trying to accommodate the gluten free diet.  We love it!  And we still do our due diligence like you should, and ask questions about their gluten free menu "whats in the sauce?", "is that rice pasta or corn pasta?" etc.  Continued education is key!  The more we educate, the more people learn, the more the restaurants understand and the more their staff will understand how the gluten free diet needs to be accommodated and potentially the more gluten free options will be made for the Celiac Community.

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