Gluten Free Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Crusted Salmon

Club House has some great tasting spices.  We like to use their roasted red pepper seasoning on salmon.  Such a great taste.  When I bring left overs to lunch, I always get "what smells so great?".  They are always surprised its salmon, since most people think fish can be pretty smelly.


  • 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup Club House roasted red pepper seasoning.  (You may need more if you have the skin off and need to coat both sides)
  • 3 tbs of vegetable oil
  • Salmon (We use skin on because I like to BBQ it) 


  • Mix red pepper seasoning in with vegetable oil.  The seasoning should absorb the oil and turn pasty.  Add some more oil if you want it more liquidy.
  • Baste on Salmon
  • Warm up BBQ to medium
  • Put on BBQ for 15-20 minutes or when the salmon becomes flaky.

I put the salmon directly on the grill and leave straight for 15 minutes.  Skin gets nice and crispy, edges do typically dry out, but I like that crunch.  You can also wrap in foil and place on the BBQ or in the oven.  The salmon will definitely be more moist that way.

NOTE:  Always be sure to check the labels of all the products used in a recipe.  Manufacturers do occasionally change ingredients.

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  1. Has Club House changed and made their filling line gluten free? In the past they said products are GF, but that they used the same filling line for gluten products.

  2. I suggest contacting the manufacturer again. They have recently started putting out products that say gluten free on them again.

    Obviously with any purchase and any manufacturer cross contamination on machinery can be a problem.




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