Snikiddy Gluten Free Baked Fries...mmmm

Just like everyone else out there, we are always looking for new and different snack foods that meet my gluten free needs, are at least seemingly "healthy"and as a personal preference, do not have a million ingredients in them. Here is one of my most recent gluten free friendly snack food finds....

Snikiddy Baked Fries classic ketchup flavor. These crunchy baked fries are just as their name suggests; they look like fries and taste like fries with ketchup.

I found these new gluten free snacks while shopping at Sunterra Market located in Edmonton at:

Lendrum Shopping Centre  5728- 111 Street Edmonton, AB Phone: (780) 434-2610

I must admit that in my pre-gluten free days when I worked downtown I would love to go to Sunterra Market Commerce Place location (2nd floor, 10150 Jasper Avenue Edmonton) for lunch and of course end my yummy gluten filled tuna sandwich on dark rye bread (ahhh reminiscing is dangerous for me) with a sample of their broken cookie pieces. Obviously since this gluten filled meal is no longer an option for me and I don't even work downtown anymore, I tend to stear clear of the bakery section and I even avoid the refrigerated section where they keep those yummy sandwiches. However, when perusing the aisles at the Lendrum Shopping Center Sunterra Market location I always find different and exciting snack & meal ideas and these are Snikiddy Baked Fries are just one example.

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