2011 Taste of Edmonton's Celiac Friendly Menu is Available!

These guys are awesome!  For the second year in a row Taste of Edmonton has released their Celiac friendly menu.  Be sure to check out the Taste of Edmonton at Churchill Square between July 21 to July 30, 2011.

It is not often that someone with Celiac Disease can go to a festival and know that their are gluten free foods for them to eat.  Edmonton being Festival City has tonnes of festivals, but very few accommodate the Celiac community like Taste of Edmonton so lets give them some support this year.

Out of the 42 vendors this year, just under 50% of them have listed atleast one item as Celiac friendly.  That is such great news and look forward to trying out some of the dishes like cabbage rolls from Taste of Ukraine, Pad Thai from Numchok Wilai Restaurant and seared galliano crusted Ahi Tuna from Lit Italian Wine Bar.

Click here for the full Celiac friendly menu.

Click here for the Events Edmonton website to learn more about Taste of Edmonton.  You can also follow Taste of Edmonton on Twitter @TasteofEdm

Remember it may sometimes be difficult to avoid cross contamination in this type of environment so still ask questions about preparation.  Ask if you can be served a fresh item with clean serving utensils when ordering. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the Celiac friendly items to see what the ingredients are.  Always remember trust your gut, and don't eat it if you think it has been contaminated.

Let us know what you try out.

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