Did you know you can donate Gluten Free Products to the Edmonton Food Bank?

I recently saw a Kijiji post for someone trying to find a good home for some unwanted gluten free products.  They were willing to give it away.  I quickly emailed them to donate it to the Edmonton Food Bank because I remembered the Edmonton Chapter of the Celiac Association collects gluten free products for donation.

We all know how expensive gluten free products can be, so I would imagine donations are scarce when it comes to gluten free products.  After all, it is probably difficult for someone to give up a 8 dollar loaf of bread! So if you ever come across any unopened gluten free product that you no longer want, or maybe you bought some products for a visiting friend, or maybe you just feel the need to give, please remember you can donate to the Edmonton Food Bank.

Kelly Cailliau, Resource Development Coordinator for the Edmonton Food Bank explained to me that "Every month at Edmonton's Food Bank 15,000 individuals receive food help through our hamper program.  Approximately 15 of those hampers are Celiac hampers."

Considering that 1 out of 120 people have some sort of gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, that is not very much to go around.  Out of those 15,000 there are probably more than 15 that need a Celiac hamper.

Thankfully, Kelly went on to explain they do receive specific Celiac donations from two great corporate donors fairly regularly, Planet Organic and Kinnikinnick.  Great job guys!

Kelly also said "Apart from that as all donations are sorted we screen for Celiac friendly foods that are stored in a separate area, and saved for our Celiac hampers...  We routinely purchase Celiac friendly pasta, soup and cereal to supplement this stock."

Click here to find out more about donating food, money or time, to the Edmonton Food Bank.

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