Gluten Free Passover

Well passover is around the corner and all the babi's and zeidis and mothers and fathers are out looking for their cases of Matzah filled products and ready to bake a feast for their families.

Well, since Matzah definitely is not gluten free because it is essentially made from just wheat and water, thats kind of out of the question.  So I have done a little bit of research on what can be made gluten free during passover or found here in Edmonton.

First, we found this great cook book, unfortunately not seen in Edmonton yet.  It's called Pesach: Anything's Possible we found it in Toronto (Click the link for  This gluten free for Pesach cookbook has not let us down yet.  Our two favourite recipes are the chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour and potato starch.  We make them all year round!  The other is a sweet potato kinish.  Let us know if you want the recipe!

So Matzah can be the tricky part.  What can we have instead of matzah?  My brother from found this recipe for grain free matzah cracker made with coconut flour.  Click here to view the recipe at

Another gluten free Matzah recipe found on  Thanks to Gluten Free Girl for this find.  Click here for the recipe.

Don't want to make gluten free matzah?  We found some at Sobey's Hawkstone in Lessard!  It's called Matzo Crackers from Barkat.

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Know any more gluten free passover tips for people here in Edmonton or elsewhere?  Let us know! Email us at

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