Zaika in South Edmonton Serves up Gluten Free Roti with its Indian Buffet

Table at Zaika
Zaika Indian Bistro Bar is an Indian restaurant that I have not heard anyone speak bad of.  A few non Celiac family and friends have been to this restaurant several and have loved the food.  Knowing that Indian food is typically gluten free friendly at restaurants, we wanted to try this one out for ourselves.

The restaurant is decked out similar to a martini bar, dark interior, large lounge seating, dimmed lights, lit up artwork etc.  Very snazzy if you ask me!  The buffet area is a big walk around circle for the heated dishes, and a cold bar against the wall for the salads and deserts.  As always, eating at a buffet is a personal choice for someone with Celiac Disease, because it could be a nightmare with cross contamination.  It was somewhat easing that the restaurant staff kept the buffet area very clean, and was constantly wiping down the dishes and serving areas.

Gluten free roti served instead
of naan bread
So as usual there was no gluten free menu, but the waitress was able to do a walk around the buffet area with Amanda to point out what was 'safe' and what was 'not safe'.  There was a good selection of paneer, butter chicken, mango chicken and masla to choose from. Unfortunately the fish pakora, which is typically made of chickpea flour, was made with wheat flour.  However that may change soon, because the waitress brought out gluten free roti made from chickpea flour. She stated that they started preparing it because they have been getting so many requests.  Which just proves that asking the questions shows the demand to the restaurant owners, which encourages the restaurants to meet the gluten free needs!

The food was very tasty, but a bit too spicy for our liking.  It was much spicier than New Asian Village, which we usually go too.  The buffet was also really cheap!  It was $17.

Zaika Indian Bistro Bar
2303 Ellwood Drive, Ellerslie Crossroads
Edmonton, Alberta

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