Plenty of Gluten Free at Planet Organic in Edmonton

Well well well, its no surprise that Planet Organic is a specialty shopping store for some great food.  They have a pretty good selection of gluten free products to boot.  What I really like about Planet Organic is that they really have knowledge staff.  Their staff know the products and can answer most of your questions. 

They carry a lot of the typical gluten free brands like Bobs Red Mill and Glutino.  But they also carry some extra hard to find products that are needed for gluten free baking like, agave nector, coconut oil, and xanthum gum.

We have also found some great gluten free products at planet organic like Food Should Taste Good Chips and Lara Bars.

Check out one of their two locations in Edmonton:

7917 104th Street in the south and downtown at 12120 Jasper Avenue

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. I just wanted to share. There's a gluten free tour at the one on the south side once a month by a girl named Gluten Free Chickie. And it doesn't cost anything. I went last month and learned alot. She was really nice and helpful and Its good to go to get new ideas about gluten free foods that taste good, especialy when I read peoples' post about how angry they are at the lack of good gluten free food. This tour helped me find some new foods I love.


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