Interesting alternative gluten free meats from Greens Eggs and Ham?
In February I got an email from a company just outside of Edmonton that I have never heard of.  They are called Greens Eggs and Ham food Artisans.  Funny enough, they don't sell ham, but as I quicly learned from Mary Ellen Grueneberg of Greens Eggs and Ham, ham means to cure and or smoke.  Who would of thought, I thought ham was just a part of a pig! But infact Greens is beef free and, pork free!  On top of that they are lactose free and gluten free.  They sell, sausage, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, turkey, vegetables amongst other things.  The bonus is that they are local, and located around Leduc.

Sausages are made with Duck (the alkaline protein) and turkey, made with 80 % breast meat and 20% leg meat, no skin, no fat, no fillers.

You can find their product at places like CareIt Urban Deli (Crestwood) and the Downtown Marketing during the summer time.  Restaurants like Culina Millcreek, and Madison's at the Union Bank Inn have even used their product at their restaurants.

Click here for a list of where you can find their product.  You can also buy their products online at

If you have any questions about Greens Eggs and Ham products, please feel free to contact Mary Ellen via email

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  1. *SHOCK* Ohhh, my favourite place to visit at the Downtown farmer's market…you should join us one Saturday! The duck eggs are fantastic! And with each egg being the size of 2-3 chicken eggs, it feeds the two of us just plenty. Potatoes…delish, and varieties you don't see everywhere.

  2. I've bought lots of different things from them at the 104st market in the summer too! Duck ham, smoked turkey, rainbow swiss chard, and as mentioned, lots of different varieties of potatoes! Can't wait for the snow to melt!!

  3. We used to walk past all the sausage and meat vendors, but this past summer, paid closer attention to them because they all seemed to have gluten free meats. Will pay attention for these guys this summer.

    I was happy to post some information on these guys.



  4. My sister-in-law lives out in McMurray and has been ranting about these guys, whenever they drive to Edmonton they stop in and grab lots, jealous, we are too far away. But she says they are awesome.


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