Highlevel Diner in Edmonton has a Gluten Free Menu for Celiac's

We know Highlevel Diner is a highlight of Edmonton, one of those hidden gems.  I've only lived here for 3 years, and Amanda just about all her life and she has only been their once.  We have heard from several people that they have a gluten free menu.  So we looked it up on their website, and they have info right on their front page.

Click here for Highlevel Diner's gluten free menu for people with Celiac.  They even have their Ukranian Thursday's listed on their gluten free menu.

For more information visit www.highleveldiner.com.

Let us know what you love from Highlevel Diner, so when we try it out, we know what to order!

Click here to read about our first visit to Highlevel Diner.

Highlevel Diner
10912 88 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T6G 0Z1

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