Gluten free additions at Sobeys West Edmonton (Hawkstone)

While we do not frequently shop for our overall groceries at Sobeys, we do appreciate the opportunity to run out quickly and pick up various stuff we might be missing when cooking dinner. Admittedly this happens on occassion.

Most recently I stepped out to Sobeys while Abisaac was making dinner and I picked up a few things. I am a sucker for those big signs that say "$1 sale" particulary when it comes to vegetables that I would have ordinarily purchased anyways. The point is that, as always, eventhough I did not need anything in particular, I stopped down the Gluten Free aisle in the Sobeys in the west end and was pleased to see the following:
  • The aisle is now well marked "Gluten Free" above the shelves so it's well visible from anywhere and obvious that it's there.
  • The shelves were full. In the past I have been there and the shelves were baren and looking discheveld and sad.
  • They have added a binder, hanging from the shelf, listing each and every single gluten free item sold in the store.
I skimmed over the pages in the binder and was overjoyed to see that not only were items listed, but each flavor of the different items was listed individually. These items were inclusive of all items in the store, not simply those items that are specifically marked "gluten free". For example, Old Dutch potato chips each different flavor that is gluten free was listed on a different line.

A big thank you goes out to Sobeys for these new additions to ease the minds of us gluten free folks while grocery shopping. Most people find grocery shopping to be a chore, throw in the need to read lables and meticulously shop for gluten free safe foods to feed yourself and your what a challenge it can become.
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