Do you keep Gluten Free Toaster Bags handy?

We've seen a variety of types and a variety of prices for gluten free toaster bags.  If you haven't heard about these yet, they are bags that you can put toast in to toast in a toaster (say that five times fast).

You can pick them up at Kinnikinnick, Ed's Gluten Free Store or Nutters in Leduc.  We use these life saving bags for two ways.  We keep one bag at home for when my parents come to visit from Toronto so they can still put their whole wheat bread in our toaster and ensure that no cross contamination occurs.  We also keep a separate bag for when Amanda wants toast when we go out or when we travel.

They are pretty handy.  I'd say they have helped us out a lot. No one wants to risk cross contamination when visiting family (or vice versa) and no one wants to make a big deal about the possibility either. These trusty little toaster bags cost around $10 for a pair. Just be careful how long you use them as they do have a life span.
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