Gluten Free Spring Rolls in Edmonton

One of our avid readers wrote in about gluten free spring roll she found in Edmonton.  We have not tried them yet, but she has been ranting and raving over them saying most of her co-workers order from this wholesale place along with her.

They apparently will sell for .22 each with no minimums.  We suggest calling in an order, and I am sure bulk orders are appreciated by them.

Emperor Food
Manufactured by Asian Food
11048 107 Street
Edmonton, AB

Update June 2012
These gluten free spring rolls can now be found at T&T Markets in Edmonton.  Signs in the store list it as gluten free.  Please be aware that T&T Markets are now owned by Loblaws.

Let us know what you think about these.  The package is labelled wheat free, gluten free and MSG free.

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta


  1. Guess I should invite you over for a taste test!

  2. For $11, I would order the packages of 50… chicken, pork and someone else tweeted that there was a vegetarian option, but they didn't offer us that choice when we ordered.

  3. these are great! they also have gluten free wontons.

  4. I was at this establishment yesterday to buy some spring rolls and I was shocked by what I saw! The food is being prepared in a kitchen in the back of a house which appears to be a commercial kitchen. However, it was extremely dirty with garbage inside and out of the premises. Big plates of spring roll mix (ground up chicken and pork) sitting open on a large table at room temperature for who knows how long. Workers were not using gloves and they were drinking from a container at the table. I saw food being packaged without the worker washing their hands first. I am calling into the health inspector today and I would not recommend eating food prepared by this company!!


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