Gluten Free at Rasoi Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

We just had a fantastic lunch buffet at Rasoi Indian Restaurant on 34th Ave.  We really weren't sure what to have for lunch, we just knew it was getting late, we were hungry and we had to go to that end of the city to drop off at Ed's Gluten Free Store.

The camera on the Blackberry
doesn't do this meal justice 
We love Indian food, because we know a lot of it is gluten free because many recipes use chickpea flour instead of wheat flour.  Next store to the plaza that Ed's is located in, is Rasoi Indian Restaurant.  Didn't know that they had a buffet, so that was a great surprise because it was under $13 for the lunch buffet.

Amanda spoke with one of the wait staff and did a walk through to see what buffet dishes are gluten free friendly. Essentially everything was except for one of the fish plates, a donut snack and the Naan bread.

This restaurant seemed great for vegetarians as well.  They separated the vegetarian dishes from the meat dishes.  There were actually a lot more vegetarian dishes than meat dishes, including a curried turnup that was amazing!  This is definitely a place we would go back to for some great Indian Cuisine.

9, 9261 - 34 Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6E 5T5
Phone 780-438-RASOI (780-438-7276)

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