Canadian Celiac Association Call for help on Labelling Regulations

The Canadian Celiac Association along with other allergy advocates have been working with the Canadian Government on improved labeling regulations to help make eating safer with those that have allergies and intolerances to foods like peanuts, gluten, dairy etc.

The Canadian Celiac Association is calling for extra support because the brewing industry is fighting against this regulation.  Part of this regulation is to help consumers easily understand what is inside the products.  If you have Celiac Disease, you are aware of the many ways gluten can be written on a label, so it is not always clear if wheat a product was used to manufacture the product.  This regulation will help clear up that issue, and have manufacturers clearly state the allergens within a product using plain language, helping keep those with allergies more safe.

Please read this notice from the Canadian Celiac Association explaining the situation and their call for support.

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