Gluten Free Menu Options at The Melting Pot in Edmonton

Contributed by @erinkbolton

Last night my boyfriend and I went the The Melting Pot for a belated birthday dinner, and I was extremely happy with our experience. The menu has a feature of "Big Night Out" (a four-course meal) and then on the next page it has various different fondues that you can order separately. We chose to do the Big Night Out feature, and our sever knew exactly what did and didn't contain gluten. All of the actual fondues are gluten free, just some of the dipping pieces (like bread, Rice Krispies for the desert) were not. They served anything with gluten on a separate plate for my boyfriend to enjoy, but they stressed that he should not dip any of those items in while I was still using the pot to prevent contamination.

For dinner there was a wide range of sauces to dip your items in, and the only one I couldn't have (out of about 9 sauces) was the Teriyaki sauce. For desert they took out the gluten-filled items and gave us more fruit instead. It was delicious!

Overall the whole experience was great. I was very impressed with the server knowledge and the range of options available! I definitely recommend it to anyone in the Edmonton area for a birthday, anniversary, or romantic date night.

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The Melting Pot
#117 2920 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8
780-465-4DIP (4347)
Fax: 780-669-3753

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  1. We went to the Melting Pot this week as well, and also had a great experience! Our server (Tanya) was happy to bring us extra apples and veggies for our cheese fondue (instead of bread cubes), and a big plate of fruit for the chocolate fondue.

  2. Could we bring our own bread?

    Oh, and little potatoes in cheese fondue are divine - as we found out for our annual New Years Eve fondue for 2. Very romantic. Great way to spend a day (prepping) and the evening relaxing together. I think I'm still full.

  3. We celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary at the Melting Pot and it was very romantic. They take great care making sure that everything is GF. I can't wait to go back!

  4. A little dissapointing after trying to go there with a group, was told I would have to pay more because my meal was gluten free. I will never try this place simply based on principle. I shouldn't be charged more for the same product. Shame on you Melting Pot!

  5. Dear Anonymous (September 6),

    Thank you for the feedback. The Melting Pot does not charge extra for Gluten Free meals, thus we would love to get in touch with you to remedy this situation. If you are interested, please contact our General Manager, Cheryl Evans at 780-465-4347.


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