New Local Public Eatery has Gfree Menu and keeps some OPM favourites

I wrote a while ago that OPM was closing and reopening as Local Public Eatery in Edmonton, another Joey's Restaurant concept.  Local Public Eatery is already now open and has a menu indicated its gluten free menu options.

The menu has basically turned to a menu with burgers and sandwiches.  So far no word if they will be bringing in gluten free buns or bread for those.  However, it was pointed out in the "LOCAL Features" section the Drunken Chicken and Seven Flavoured Beef off of OPM's Gluten Free Menu was kept for the new Local Public Eatery menu.  Click here to view the menu with gluten free options indicated.  There are very few items, but the items listed are good choices.  Now its time to work on them bringing in gluten free buns and bread for their burgers and sandwiches!  What do you say Local?

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Yessssss! Drunken chicken! I was worried it would be lost forever. So, shall we descend and sample this fare as a GF group?

  2. It sounds like a lot of people are happy they didn't get rid of the drunken chicken. When I scoped it out before the opening, it looked nice. Its all one room now, with a bar in the middle. Not sectioned off. Looked great. I do hope when they get me the gluten free menu, that they have gluten free buns for their burgers.

  3. Worth noting that two stores down, Milestones, has a gluten-free menu as well. It appears limited, but doesn't list every option the restaurant can do gluten-free though since there are 3-4 other delicious options available with a couple mods. Also a GF ganache torte on the dessert menu! My wife loves that.

  4. Wow thanks, we'll have to check out the gluten free menu at Milestones

  5. Just popped in there today to have a look, there's no Gluten Free menu and they have 4 dishes on there menu that are Gluten Free. I dont know about you but this is just not good enough!!!!!

  6. My husband and I went early this month, and the OPM favorites are simply not the same and not going back. Afraid we lost our beloved restaurant.


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