My wife has Celiac

It has been over a year and quite the transition since my wife Amanda was diagnosed with Celiac.  This article is certainly not going to be a pat on the back for everything I do to support Amanda, including this gluten free blog.  But really, it's to talk about how I really don't know!  Even though my wife does have Celiac, I still take some things for granted, because I don't have Celiac.

I'm very cautious, more cautious than her sometimes, but when thinking on a whim of where to go grab a gluten free bite, I automatically cross out some places.  Places like Subway Subs or Quizno's are immediately no no's even though when I'm on my own, that's where I would end up.  When there is a hamburger craving, I could list off a few places I would like to go eat, but it comes down to one burger place that accommodates well which is mainly Red Robin (We have had Delux Burger bar only a few times as well). 

I see her get frustrated often because even though we have discovered so much, she still feels so limited.  I am always nervous that trying a new restaurant for gluten free friendly meals won't work out.  That just brings Amanda back to hating her condition.  We win some we lose some.  It's great when we find something new, but even tougher when something doesn't work out and we have to leave and hunt for something quickly. For me its easy and I'm more laid back because I don't have those limitations, but I don't know what it's like to feel dejected from food, and have to look elsewhere.  So my 'laid backness' does cause trouble sometimes, because I'm okay with the situation, not realizing that Amanda is probably feeling pretty low because we had to walk away from a restaurant, or couldn't decide on a place to go etc.

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  1. I totally understand how your wife feels. I've been gluten free for a year and a half. I was given the best Christmas present from my employer...a GF meal with my co-workers! I felt normal for the first time in a year and a half. My co-worker also gave me a gift of tea. I just found out that David's Teas are completely gluten free! They have a ton of flavours and are CANADIAN. As well, there is a company called Green Beaver (Canadian) for body products that is all GF except for one product. Maybe something like that for Christmas might be cool. My daughter and I are using the apple mint and love it. Thanks for the blog!


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