Gluten Free Blintzes

Messy but yummy blintzes by
Molly B's
As many of you may already know, Ed's Gluten Free located at 34 Avenue & 93 Street in Edmonton carries a variety of gluten free products that you just cannot find elsewhere. There are a couple of products in particular, that I absolutely love!

The one we tried today, Blintzes by Molly B's, was awesome.  All I can say is mmmmmmmmm so tasty! Ed's gluten free carries a few different flavors of these blintzes, but this time I chose the cheesecake blintzes. How can you go wrong with cheesecake flavor? Really?

The package contains 6 Blintzes and you can see by just looking at them in the package that they "look like the real thing". You may recall from a previous post that I often find myself referring to gluten free products as being just like the real thing. I know it's silly, but I keep on doing it.

These blintzes are to remain frozen until ready to eat. The flavor was perfect, the texture was awesome (memories of my pre gluten free days) and the only difficulty we encountered was around the directions. The directions are quite limited and they simply say do not defrost, heat and serve. Heat at 350 degrees, but there was no guidelines about the time frame. The alternative heating method listed was to use butter heat in frying pan.

We tried the oven method first and after about 15-20 minutes the insides remained cold and hard. We then opted to switch to the frying pan method and we found it much faster and easier. The smell was so tempting who wants to wait forever to eat such yummy food? Not me.

The inside was soft, creamy and just like cheesecake. There were raisins inside as well, just to add that little extra flavor burst.

We will have to give the other flavors a try next time and I think that we'll be sure to let them defrost a few mintues on the counter before going right to the frying pan for heating.

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