What I think of the Gluten Free fad diet

Its NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this month, and as promised, Amanda and I will be blogging every day!

Every so often I see an article that I tweet out about another celebrity on a gluten free diet.  Unfortunately the diet is not because they have Celiac, but because they are on a health kick.  But everytime they run a story on this, the specialist always says how a gluten free diet is not really a good diet for a health kick.  So I wonder why they even want to do it!

Image: federico stevanin
What worries me is that when these people are on the gluten free diet for a health kick and eat out in a restaurant, they may not take the diet as seriously.  They may ask for a gluten free meal, but might not be as diligent as someone with Celiac.  What does this mean?  Well, possibly the kitchen staff won't actually be learning what type of cautious and real preparation is required for a gluten free meal.

These people won't be affected by cross contamination the way someone with actual Celiac would be.  They may just ask for a wheat free sauce/seasoning, but not ask for clean utensils and a clean work area to ensure no cross contamination.  It worries me every time we go out that Amanda's needs may not be taken as seriously as they should be.

I hope this health kick diet dies out soon, and more attention comes to people with Celiac and what it really means to eat a gluten free diet.  No cheating, no cross contamination, and being diligent when you are out at a restaurant to ensure your food is prepared correctly.

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  1. Indeed. It also diminishes the serious challenges we face to be sure we are nutritionally sound.

  2. after explaining i was celiac, i once had a restaurant offer to let me use their toaster to toast my gluten-free bread....sigh.....and let's not even talk about lack of dedicated fryers, or soup, the delicious dangerous food, soup. i'm enjoying eating at home a LOT more nowadays!

  3. i have been going to a hairstylest for almost 6 yrs but in the recent yrs, i stop goin to him!! i told him about some of the products i cant use and he pretty much called me a liar!! very hurt and disappointed!!!
    gluten free for 2yrs!!

  4. Another good website is www.glutenfreechickie.com

    She commented on something like this, but in a bit more detail a while ago.

  5. I have visited that blog. I have an upcoming post on November 20th asking people to check out her blog.


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