Speak up! They Grocery Stores Need to Hear from the Celiac Community

Thats right, you heard me, speak up!  Believe me it works, the grocery stores want to cater to their community.  They need to hear from you to know they need to stock up with gluten free products, and put up gluten free signs in the aisles for your gluten free shopping in Edmonton grocery stories.

source: www.sobeys.com
We sometimes shop at the Sobey's Hawkstone.  They do have a great gluten free selection at that location.  You can find various gluten free products in the gluten free aisle, the kosher aisle and even gluten free Dr. Praegers in the kosher freezer section.

Amanda likes going to the deli section at the Sobey's Hawkstone because they keep a list of their gluten free meats as indicated by their suppliers.  Amanda always asks to see the list.  It used to just be a sheet, but then they switched to a card to take home.  Except they didn't have the cards labelled, so the past few times we went in, they couldn't find the list.  When they finally figured out that the cards on the counter were not just a general list of products and their suppliers, but a list of the gluten free deli meats and who is supplying them, we recommended that they label the pamphlet holder as gluten free list of meats.  The next time we went in (the next day), it was done.  Easy to find, easy to read, and easy to update spot to list what gluten free meats are available at the deli counter.

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  1. there is a new sobey's on the north side, hollick kenyon I think...they have a freezer section labelled "gluten free" but in actuality, it's the gluten free and "natural" foods together...so people have to watch carefully.

    and as a side note, there is some great new products being carried by Save on(only place we've seen it), not sure if you've mentioned it before...it's called Udi's...even I can stomach the taste of the bread(am I'm not the gluten free eater in the family so it was by choice that I tried it,lol). Doesn't even need to be toasted to be palatable

  2. Hi Beth,

    I don't think we have written about Udi's yet, but we have tried it. Ed's Gluten Free store also carries it, and it is excellent. They have great bagels.

    Thanks for the update!



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