RL's Gluten Free Travel: Whole foods in the United States

Contributed by RL:

On a recent trip to the USA I had the chance to shop at Whole Foods and purchase some old and new gluten free favorites.

Almond Dreams are labelled gfree
My old stand-by for easy snacking is Just Strawberries.  The company produces many dried fruits and veggies with NO additives, hence gluten free. The strawberries and raspberries are my favorite.

One of my new purchases was Veggie Chips made by Aurora. Although Veggie Chips are not explicitly labeled gluten free, I did not read any questionable ingredients on the label.

My ultimate favorite was the gluten free, dairy free version of Dibs called Almond Dream Bites. I don't know if regular Dibs are gluten free (because I can't eat dairy) but I was thrilled to find these almond milk based ones labeled gluten free. I spoke with the South Edmonton Planet Organic store and they are going to try and order them in.


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