Post Halloween - gluten free style

You can't see it well, but it does say Gluten Free under
"Real Oranges"
Our first Celiac Halloween has come and gone quite quickly and we thought it was worth sharing our experiences with everyone.

Even though we didn't have to, we gave out gluten free (and peanut free) treats to the kids who came by our house.  They really didn't notice I'm sure because we had some yummy Sunkist gummies and gluten free CheeCha Snacks!  We had plenty to give out, but apparently our neighborhood kids were not up for walking down the whole cul de sac to reach our house.

Amanda and I don't have any kids yet, so we didn't have the privilege of rummaging through their treats and picking out all the yummies for ourselves.  You know you parents all do that! So instead Amanda paid a visit to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a whole bunch of discounted (post Halloween) chocolate goodies, just for us.

Although she was disappointed because even though we had lists of gluten free candies that are okay, she realised that a lot of the chocolates that were available, at this time, contained gluten.  No Kit-Kat, no Coffee Crisp, No Twix... the list went on.  She even 'risked it' by purchasing Jersey Milk bars, that didn't have wheat or gluten officially listed as ingredients, but said "may contain wheat" along with nuts/tree nuts.

While it took longer to choose which of the discounted Halloween chocolates were ok for gluten free consumption, I admit, I felt quite happy, knowing that we did give out gluten free and nut free treats for Halloween!

It was important for us to ensure that the kids who came to our house got treats that they could enjoy and eat without fear of contamination or allergy (nuts, dairy or gluten). All in all I think we did very well this year.

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