NaBloPoMo complete

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Wooo hoo, we managed to complete and entire month of blogging daily. As you may recall, we chose to participate for the first time in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this year. To be honest, it was at times a bit challenging. Overall we found it motivating and fun. Just like other fellow bloggers out there, we have lives! I know, go figure (ha) and so we attempted to "get on a roll" and we wrote a few blogs in a row.

We hope you have enjoyed and appreciated our hard work and we want to say thank you to everyone, near and far, who joined us and read our blog posts daily (or not). Our goal is to keep sharing our gluten free experiences with the world and we always welcome ideas, suggestions and of course guest bloggers.

Thank you everyone!
Amanda & Abisaac

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