It took a while, but now Amanda is Blogging her Celiac Experience

I started this blog in January 2010 for my wife.  I started because we did not see many gluten free resources in Edmonton online, and I wanted to share our experience and talk about what gluten free products, recipes, and restaurants we had found in Edmonton.  We love sharing our experiences!  Except, it's usually me sharing OUR experience, and not Amanda.

Image: br3akthru
Amanda tells great stories, and tells it as it is when it comes to gluten free eating in Edmonton.  I am not Celiac, so I do get to eat foods with gluten in them at times, therefore my experience or my perception has always been slightly different than hers.  For me, it has sometimes felt like pulling teeth trying to get her to even contribute a comment on a blog.

It looks like Amanda's blog reading addiction has finally caught up to her and has sparked her interest in expressing through our blog.  Not long after Gluten Free Edmonton started, she began reading the SixUntilMe diabetes blog, and from there it has spiraled between half a dozen to a dozen blogs that she enjoys reading.  I guess she see's what fun it is to write and voice your opinion and interact with the community.

It was Amanda's idea to take part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  I assume she read about this event through her blog addiction.  Since then she has been more inspired and has been writing some great blog posts about her experiences as a Celiac.

I say, keep up the great work Amanda!  And welcome to the world of Blogging!  I guess my point being is, don't be affraid to share your gluten free experiences as someone with Celiac (or as a family or friend of someone with Celiac).  The more information out there, the better.

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