How do the pro chef's deal with gluten free cooking?

Image: Simon Howden
I recently read an article by Gluten Free Chickie that got me thinking about cooking with the pro's.  In her article "Gluten Free on Food Network's Top Chef Masters" she talks about an episode of Top Chef Masters on the Food Network, and how for one of their challenges they not only had to cook a vegetarian meal, but gluten free as well.  She included a YouTube video that shows part of the challenge.  I recommend watching it.

But that article got me thinking, how come Food Network doesn't show a lot of gluten free cooking?  Amanda and I watch a lot of the Food Network, and we definitely do not see much of that.  We are always looking for new recipes and new ways of preparing meals.  It would really help if some of these main stream shows on the big networks did do some gluten free meals every now and then.  I'm sure it would help raise awareness of Celiac Disease and proper preparation of gluten free meals.

With that being said, there are a few web sides that have webisodes of gluten free cooking:
Email us at if you know of any more good gluten free cooking sites with video.

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