Have you ever?

Have you ever had it happen that you've made an amazing meal the night before, brought the perfect amount of leftovers for lunch to work the next day and then.....dropped it on the floor?

Well, I have. I actually did that just this week. I was really upset about it too. You see I work in a place that while they try, there is only a very limited (and I mean limited) number of gluten free choices available for purchase for lunch. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the few options that do exist. However I do also know that for some of the options (gluten free pizza using Kinnikinick pizza crusts) I have to call in advance to order in the morning for lunchtime pick up. The other options are...meh (in my opinion). I can have the gluten free vegetarian chili ,but I don't like so many beans. I can have the salad, but salad is boring and the more exciting ones have salmon or chicken on them; things that I cannot be certain are gluten free because of seasonings uses and cooking practices. Or there is a salad that looks super tasty but it has barley in it. Seriously! Barley?

So when the once in a blue moon situation does occur that I had an amazing meal planned and ready for lunch, then I drop it on the floor...what do I eat for lunch? Throw in on top of all of this, I had already taken my insulin; determining the amount of insulin based on what I was intending on eating for lunch. Kinda makes it difficult, to say the least.

I ended up "chancing it" and I ordered the rotisserie chicken, potatoes and steamed vegetables and hoped for the best. I was pleased to note that overall nothing happened, but I was darn nervous all afternoon. As well, I was disappointed and admittedly did not feel nearly as satisfied as I should have after eating my lunch. I was really looking forward to that gluten free home made baked ziti that I had made the day before. Wouldn't you? Sheesh!

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