Gluten Free Christmas and the Holidays in Edmonton

The holiday season is coming up really quickly and we all know what that! In an effort to help everyone out with ideas, I decided to contact a few people and do some research and find out what gluten free Christmas and Chanukah treats are available in Edmonton during the holiday season.  Unfortunately  I did not really find much for Chanukah yet, but I'll keep on looking.

For most people the holiday season is all about the cookies and wonderful goodies to pick up at the store for an after dinner sweet or savory indulgence.  It's also virtually a given that if you work in an office there is usually a container (or two) of Christmas cookies somewhere just waiting to be eaten.  How often are those Christmas cookies gluten free?  Well most likely not often, I've never seen any in our office  at least!

Below is a list of gluten free holiday season items available in Edmonton:

Kinnikinnick Store Website
You know you can count on Kinnikinnick to have an abundance of holiday sweets and goodies. Kinnikinnick was one of the first places I approached and they immediately responded with a list of treats that will be available at the Kinnikinnick Store as of November.  Click here for a seasonal list of gluten free items that Kinnikinnick will have available for the holiday season.  Click here to visit the Kinnikinnick store website for more information.

CareIt Urban Deli
CareIt Urban Deli carries a selection of prepared meals that are gluten free.  After contacting CareIt via twitter @CareItUrbanDeli we found that they do have some great gluten free winter classic meals in store. CareIt refers to their Sheppard's Pie, Beef Stew, and Cabbage Rolls as part of their comfort meals which are designed specifically for the wintertime.

Planet Organic
Here are a few great holiday ideas submitted by Planet Organic:

  • Cocomira (small pieces of heaven in a box) A 175 gm Box of Toffee pieces that has been covered in Dark or Milk chocolate and rolled in crushed nuts (Hazel nut, Pistachio, Almond). Each box retails for $9.29.
Sweets from the Earth
  • Assorted Bars. Chocolate Pecan Caramel ($4.79), Caramel Almond Shortbread ($3.39) and Walnut Brownie ($2.29). These items are individually wrapped.
  • Sweets from the Earth also make amazing gluten free cakes, but they must stay refrigerated until consumed. They have flavors like Gluten free dairy free Chocolate Cheesecake, Wild Blueberry Cheesecake and Spiced Carrot. Each cake is $16.99.
  • O’Doughs Gluten free cakes ($10.49) and Enjoy life Gingerbread Spice

I did a little bit of research to try and find some gluten free holiday recipes.  Initially I set out to look for peoples favourite gluten free recipes, but that wasn't working out.  Then I started to look for individual recipes, but that didn't work out either because there were just so many.  Finally, I found two collections of holiday recipes that I thought would work out great!

The first collection is from which I have found to be an pretty good source for gluten free information. has a regular columnist Jane Anderson who contributes valuable gluten free recipes, and tips throughout the year.  However the collection I found was from 2009 before Jane started.  Click here to view the collection of 30 Gluten Free Holiday Recipes

The second collection I found was from Whole Foods.  I had heard rumours that a location opened up in Edmonton. Whole Foods is a market, found in Toronto and other large cities in the USA that specializes in natural and organic products among other things. Sadly the rumours of an Edmonton location were just that...rumours (at least for now). Nonetheless, I was quite  pleased to find a nice list of gluten free holiday meals.  Click here for that list!  They all look great.

The Tomato Food & Drink
Just when I thought my search was over for gluten free holiday recipes, a colleague at work noticed a special feature in the November December 2010 edition of The Tomato Food & Drink.  A full page spread on page 12 & 13 is seven gluten free holiday baking recipes to give a try, including short read, biscotti, orange cake and lemon drops.  Check it out!.

Do you have something to add to this list?  Email us at with details and we will update the article.

Haggis and Herring

My brother runs the Haggis and Herring foodie blog out of Toronto.  He suggest a couple of his favourite holiday recipes that are naturally gluten free:

  1. Broccoli Salad with Cranberries
  2. Apples with Creamy Caramel Dip
Remember when purchasing ingredients to a recipe, to read every label every time.

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